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Florence App updated version is here!

Get the best experience while growing your sustainable business. The latest version of the Florence App is here! Updates in this release:– Improvements to overall app performance– Minor bugs fixes– Better GUI– New and enhanced features such has E-raffles, Auto-debit, Rewards. Install the latest version and enjoy earning more!

FLORENCE App To Be Launched on April 17, 2020!

Good news! The FLORENCE APP will be operational and ready on April 17. It will initially feature the full functionality of the app which is the unilevel marketing system for its members. The initial features will be the mobile apps function for member earnings and discounts for each of the 7 Powerful Ways of earning which are: Direct Referral, Maintenance,…


Protect Yourself and Others Against Covid-19

As our nation is currently experiencing an increase in the number of affected cases of Covid-19, FLORENCE.COM.PH CORPORATION fully encourages everyone to apply the best practices to avoid being exposed. Stay at home Observe proper hygiene (Example: clean your hands often) Avoid close contact. Follow the implement social distancing Wear mask. Cover your mouth and nose with a cloth face…

The FLORENCE.COM.PH Corporation

Bringing about better opportunities for everyone is the reason FLORENCE.COM.PH Corporation was conceptualized. It began when selected tests and trials were developed for its various lines of products. Soon after, FLORENCE 4-in-1 Supplement became its fastest-selling product overcoming demand. Specially formulated to cater to the high whims and needs of a growing economy, FLORENCE 4-in-1 Supplement soon became a favorite…


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